take a magical journey through time to discover who you truly are

Imagine relaxing into a state of peace and while you are relaxing your subconscious mind is looking into your past and future to show you another life!  A life where you will find answers to your questions.  A life where events unfold that can assist you in improving this life.

Imagine asking your subconscious to remove blocks, heal illnesses and alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression and other thoughts you may have to help you achieve your purpose in this life.   Imagine if everything you want to know could be answered whilst you are in a state of deep relaxation.

Well you can have this experience!  Queen of Zeus can guide you to this state, conversing with your subconscious mind to find the answers for you whilst you rest.

Talking with the subconscious is like taking a shortcut in the healing process.  This approach allows your subconscious mind to provide the answers whilst avoiding all of the barriers and logical thoughts that your conscious mind has learned or put in place through your experiences on your soul's journey.  The subconscious mind is never judgmental.

This is done in a safe and nurturing environment, with you in control at all times, watching with interest as your answers are shown to you.  The session will also be taped so you can listen again at any time and accelerate the process of moving on, free of doubt and relieved of burdens, to joyfully be what you choose to be in this life.

Your investment for a past life regression hypnotherapy session is AUD$330.00.

Each session will last between three to four hours including a chat beforehand as well as a debrief afterwards.

For more information please contact Queen of Zeus through the contact form here.



Queen of Zeus is a compassionate and gifted therapist in past life regression.  Her insight gives her the ability to guide a client and be aware of when to progress within a past life regression experience.  I felt very safe and comfortable during the session as Queen of Zeus explained the process well and was always there to guide me through my experiences by leading me on to other memories at the appropriate time.

It is a powerful experience and even after a few months have passed, has left me with profound memories and better understanding of my current life.  Through my subconscious I was able to feel the person I was across the centuries and even experienced my emotions of the time from 2000 years ago.  The sensations were very powerful and real.  I was then guided by Queen of Zeus to observe another important event in that life and finally experienced my passing over.  The experience of floating above my physical being and the healing and review of that particular life were so real.  I was born again and then shown another life.  I even spoke like a child when I was a child in the regression.  While I was still in a hypnotic state, Queen of Zeus directed questions to my subconscious by asking what I had learned from that particular life and what relevance it is to my life today.  The experience answered questions related to dreams I have had since childhood and was quite revealing.  I was also able to link previous events to my life today which have helped me to better understand why I am the person I am and why I react to life in a particular way.

Finally, Queen of Zeus asked questions that I had written down prior to the session.  These were personal questions that I had to help me develop spiritually in this life and better understand my relationships to others.  After the session I felt incredibly peaceful and relaxed.  The session benefitted my wellbeing for days afterwards.



The diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, and mental disorders requires trained medical professionals. The advice given in this session is for general information only.  By participating in any personal consultations or other services I provide, you hereby accept this disclaimer.