unlocking the magic within your child

An astrological natal chart is like a guide book for your child's life, providing much insight into how they may think, feel & act,  This is based on their precise birth details.

In addition, all souls come into this life with a purpose as well as lessons to learn.  They also choose the exact time to arrive and the parents who will best help them to achieve their purpose.  A past life reading will help to understand the context for this life & why the child may behave in certain ways.

Victoria will provide an overview of the child’s natal chart meaning.   Neil will provide a past life reading of the life most relevant to the child and their parents, providing valuable information that can help parents understand their new baby or child and the life they may lead.

These two amazing readings are printed and then presented with a beautiful crystal chosen especially for the child. 

Victoria is a parent, astrologer and past life regression hypnotherapist

Neil is a past life regression hypnotherapist & energy healer

This beautiful gift is valued at $169.00

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