Soul Journeys

The difference between a meaningful life and a mundane existence is the presence of your soul purpose.

Combining the power of Regression Hypnotherapy + Astrology, Queen of Zeus helps you decipher your soul's journey to find answers to why you are here in this life.

Using the power of Astrology, we can understand the energy and circumstances that we have been given to work with to fulfil the purpose we set out for ourselves.  With Regression Hypnotherapy, we can uncover agreements made in spirit for our soul's purpose in this life, as well as better understand the relationships with loved ones and other key people in our lives, through exploring other lives we have shared. 




Queen of Zeus offers an astrological explanation of your birth chart, based on your exact time, date and place of birth. 

The planets in our solar system weave their magic on each of us in a very unique way.  

You will learn how to best use this magical energy you have been born with to maximise your true potential.  



Regression Hypnotherapy

We have arrived here on Earth in this particular life with a soul purpose. One of the most amazing experiences to unravel why you're here and perhaps also discover answers to puzzling questions you may have, is to enjoy a regression hypnotherapy session. You can look at your other lives to understand and heal your present life.