Queen of Zeus

Why Queen of Zeus?  For most of my life I wondered if I thought differently to most people.  I was fortunate to discover the answer to this during my first experience of a past life hypnotherapy session.  I wasn't at all nervous about being hypnotised as I knew & trusted the hypnotherapist very well.  I can imagine though that most people would be nervous about the idea, fearing they may have no control over what happens.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   In actual fact, the hypnotherapist is merely the facilitator with the client being in control the whole time.   I loved my experience and learnt I was a light being who is Queen on another planet called Zeus.

In this life on Earth I am known as Victoria and I continue to learn as much as I can to help myself develop spiritually.   I feel blessed and very fortunate to be able to assist others on their journey from what I have learnt over the years.   I offer weekly meditation classes, astrology readings and past life hypnotherapy sessions so you can learn more about your true wonderful self. 

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I offer an astrological explanation of your birth chart, based on your exact time, date and place of birth. 

The energy of the planets in our solar system affects each of us in a very unique way.  

You will learn how to best use this energy you have been born with to maximise your true potential.  




We are all here on Earth in this particular life with a soul purpose. One of the most amazing experiences to unravel why you're here and perhaps also discover answers to puzzling questions you may have, is to enjoy a hypnotherapy session. You can look at your other lives to understand and heal your present life.