We have arrived here on Planet Earth in this particular life with a soul purpose.   One of the most amazing experiences to unravel why you're here, and perhaps also discover answers to puzzling questions you may have, IS to enjoy a past life regression hypnotherapy session.  You can look at your past lives to heal your present life.


Everyday Astrology

Victoria offers astrology advice to show you how to incorporate simple astrology into your daily life.

The planets in our solar system weave their own magic on us in a very special way.

The Sun is the giver of our life force.

The Moon's energy influences our moods.  

The other planets make contact with those luminaries which also affects our own energy as well as the forces of nature.

 Readings/Personalised Gift

A unique gift combining an astrological overview of the child's life, together with a past life reading of the life most relevant to the child and their parents.  

A wonderful gift for a newborn or young child.