turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you


Your SUN sign plays an important role in who you are.  So too does the Moon, the planets and their configuration at the exact time of your birth.  Queen of Zeus will draw up your own personal birth chart and explain its meaning.

You will discover what your birth chart reveals about you.  You will also learn how astrology can assist you in your day to day life.  

If you've ever wondered why on certain days you "feel" different to other days, then you'll love the explanation on the Moon's significance in our daily lives.  The Moon is closer to Earth than the other planets in our solar system and therefore its energy has a significant effect on our emotions.  

This informative, practical and easy to follow session runs for up to 90 minutes for a fee of $120.00.




The diagnosis and treatment of physical, emotional, and mental disorders requires trained medical professionals. The advice given in this session is for general information only.  By participating in any personal consultations or other services I provide, you hereby accept this disclaimer.